Smarter Bank Is A Bank That Helps You With Student Loans

Student loans are one of my personal finance pain points.  Every time I try to get ahead on them, something comes up and I get behind again. It must be hard for people like me who are self-employed.  Today I hear about the launch of Smarter Bank which is an online bank that helps you pay down your student loans.

It’s a  free full-featured checking account, with debit card, paper checks and all the usual (but no branches, of course). And it’s powered by non-other than The Bancorp Bank, which has its hands in many of the new direct banking initiatives.

Smarter Bank has a rewards program that pays down your student loans. Free online banking, bill pay, free debit card and an ATM network.  I will open up an account to see how it can help me pay down my student loans.

  • Brenna Hogland

    Could you let me know if it is the real deal and how thats working out for you? My email is if you don’t mind

  • christine

    any update on this? has is helped you pay down your loans?

  • guest

    Any word on this?