Act Like a Big Business for Big Results


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Tired of always being overshadowed by the big guys out there? It’s rough for the small businesses of America to get a foothold against the huge conglomerates. They seem to have endless amounts of money to throw at any problem they encounter, whereas you have to use all your wits just to get through the day.

However, the digital age is quickly leveling this playing field for the better. Small businesses everywhere enjoy countless resources previously only available to big companies. For example, are you having trouble getting your name out to the public? If so, the following three services are extremely affordable for every budget and can blast your company in front of millions of people.


It doesn’t get much better than Google’s AdWords, which lets you buy an ad and display it across all of Google’s services. This includes YouTube, Gmail, Google+, and of course Google search itself, which is used countless times every day by your target customers. The process is fairly simple, too. You check out the keywords people are searching using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and then buy an ad to reach people when they search that keyword on one of Google’s many web properties.

The potential for this can’t be overstated. All it takes is for someone to search for something remotely related to your business and you’re right there in front of their face. If you provide users with good material after they click, you’re golden.

Of course nothing’s guaranteed on AdWords. You could rack up a huge bill when users click your link but don’t buy a thing from you. The trick is to make sure you entice people with great products and services and interesting information. Pro Tip: Consider building a landing page on your website designed solely to entice new customers from your AdWords ads. If your AdWords ad makes a promise, make sure that your landing page delivers.

Facebook Ads

How many people do you know who do not use Facebook? Not very many probably, as it’s one of the most used websites in the world. So why not take advantage of how popular it is by running an ad?

It works basically like Google AdWords does as your ad will pop up when users poke around the site. As they view their news feed, your ad will appear to people matching your demographic targets.

A Facebook Ad is advantageous as it puts you in front of as many faces as you tell it to. If you have a local store, you can limit your ad to reach people within driving distance. Unfortunately, you may experience more “bounce” from this ad than AdWords as people generally are using Facebook during lunch hours or after work. They don’t want to be bothered by ads. Again, make sure the destination of your ad is interesting so you capture your captive audience!


Since you’re a small business, you no doubt have ties to the local community. You want to expand on that and make sure everyone in your neighborhood not only knows who you are but how awesome your business is.

Yelp is a great website to do just that. You add your business to the Yelp database making sure to include all relevant information – hours of operation, phone number, what you sell, etc. Then when people visit your store or use your services, they can leave comments and rate their experience.

Be warned – Yelp isn’t designed for introducing you to people outside of your local area. Unless they’re driving in from out of town, most Yelp users won’t see your store if they live in another area. It’s great for local exposure and gaining a good reputation but not that great at gaining you new fans from around the country or the world.

Have you ever used one of these big business tools for your small business? How did it work out?